Stage 8 Troon to Irvine

Choice of two Routes

8A. Direct Beach Route – Troon Harbour – Barassie shore – Irvine Beach Park and Harbour – Ancient Burgh of Irvine

Distance: 10 km = 6 miles      Time: 3 hoursstage-8-map_300

Walking summary: 8A. Easy – promenade, pavements, paths, sandy beaches.  – a 10 km (6 miles) stroll along the sands to Irvine.

8B. Longer Inland Detour via Dundonald and The Smugglers’ Trail – a new local walk – to Irvine:

  1. Troon Harbour – Templehill – Portland Street – A759 – Loans – Smugglers’ Trail via Troon Reservoir – Dundonald Woods – Dundonald Castle and Visitor Centre.
    Distance: 7.6 km = 4.1 miles
  2. Dundonald Castle – Smugglers’ Trail – Troon Reservoir – A759 to Dundonald roundabout – National Cycle Network (NCN7) – Shewalton Woods – Gailes – Irvine Beach Park and Harbour – Ancient Burgh of Irvine. Distance: 11.5 km = 7 miles

Walking summary: 8B. Moderate – pavements, return woodland track with total 200m ascent, cycle track – a somewhat longer walk of 19 km (11.1 miles) to incorporate a visit to the ancient Royal Castle of Dundonald.

We strongly advise purchase of the Guide Book for a detailed description and map of the route. Plus OS Explorer Map 341.

Car Parks: Troon Harbour Road – Irvine Beach Park

Transport: Trains from Glasgow-Ayr-Stranraer. Good bus service.

Historical: Dundonald Castle, famous birthplace of the Stuart Dynasty of Kings and Queens of Scotland and later – from 1603 – of Great Britain.
Irvine – Tide Telegraph, Ship Inn, and old Harbourside dwellings. Eglinton Trophy at Cunninghame House. Seagate and Seagate Castle. Glasgow Vennel (Robert Burns).

General: Distant views of Southern Uplands. Ayr and Irvine Bay seascapes. Bridge of Scottish Invention. Magnum Leisure Centre. Scottish Maritime Museum. Irvine town centre.

Nature: Sea and Shore birds – Troon North Sands. Fragile dune and heathland ecology. Estuary birds on Bogside mudflats.

Eating/Provisions: Templehill shops, pubs and restaurants. Troon Morrisons. Barassie shops and cafe. Troon town centre, Darley and Loans shops. Dundonald Castle. Irvine Harbourside shops, pubs and restaurants. Irvine town centre.

Public Toilets: Troon North – Tower Hotel, Beach Rd (All year 1000 – 2200). Dundonald visitor centre (Apr-Oct). Irvine Shorehead (Automatic all year 24 hours). Irvine Shorehead (Apr-Sep 1000 – 1630).

Accommodation: Troon B&Bs, Guesthouses and Hotels. List of Accommodation Irvine Beach Park. See the accommodation section for more information.

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