28 Oct 2023 – The Ayrshire Coastal Path gifts 170 copies of the Ayrshire Coastal Guide Book to all Ayrshire Schools.

The Ayrshire Coastal Path Management Board was delighted to donate an educational gift of 170 Official Guide Books to North, South and East Ayrshire Educational Departments to be distributed to all Primary and Secondary School libraries in the region.


So far, the best-selling Official Guidebook to the Ayrshire Coastal Path has sold over 8000 copies world-wide, raised over £40,000 for Rotary Charities from 2008 till 2019 – and since then all proceeds from sales have gone to support the maintenance of the Coastal Path. When we launched our new Third Edition in Dec 2022, the Management Board was left with 146 new Second Edition copies that we could no longer sell. So, we contacted North, South, and East Ayrshire Education Departments, who enthusiastically agreed to accept as educational gifts for their School Libraries – 146 Second Edition copies (value £1752) for Ayrshire’s 126 Primary Schools – and 24 new Third Edition books (value £310) for its 24 Senior Secondary Schools.

Duly delivered and now distributed, both we and the schools are delighted with this outcome – which is a win-win situation for everyone.

Wonderful to receive a copy of this news article from Stewarton Academy showing that the books are being put to good use to widen the adventure horizons of our young folk in Ayrshire!  Ayrshire Coastal Path guidebooks donated to East Ayrshire secondary schools (east-ayrshire.gov.uk)

We hope that by finding out about their Ayrshire Coast’s history and natural history, it may broaden the horizons of countless children, inspire them to outdoor adventures – and a passion of care for their natural environment.

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