Some walkers might experience difficulties as the result of sand erosion at the Pow Burn (Prestwick-Troon section of ACP), in particular at high tide.  A combination of the recent High Spring Tides and gales has exposed the gabions, causing some rough underfoot conditions.
At the top of a High Spring Tide walkers may only have a narrow shoreline to negotiate over the flat-topped gabions – however as the tide goes out or comes in, a large expanse of sandbank will be available to walk along safely for most of each day. You can check tide times at
Although this is unsightly and difficult at present, it will eventually be covered by windblown sand and will form a matrix to consolidate this sand and allow marram grass to establish itself.
Last week The Ayrshire Coastal Path Management Board had had a very constructive meeting with Royal Troon Golf Club officials to discuss possible solutions to be implemented.

Stay tuned for more details and in the meantime please take care when walking in this area.

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