Lendalfoot Low Tide Beach Route. 

Since the beginning of August, apart from trying to keep on top of late summer heavy vegetation growth at many sites, Pathminders have been working down at Lendalfoot, erecting signposts to direct walkers onto the shore north of the village, and away from the horrendous traffic on the A77T. Whilst the Guide Book clearly recommends walkers to use the beach, there have been no signs until now to define the access points, so it was great to get these in place. When a supply of new black marker posts and signs arrive in the next couple of weeks, (funded by part of a £1500 grant from Paths for All), with the full support of the local community council, we will be returning to signpost a similar ‘Low Tide’ beach-route south of the village to just north of Bennane Shore Holiday Park.

Heading north


We will follow this up with a visit to Irvine with some new signs and four new black marker posts for the Beach Park and Gailes dunes, replacing some ageing and/or missing signage in that area.

Beautiful Gailes dunes

ACP ‘Historic Auld Ayr’ route. 

Similarly, with the aid of a £500 grant from South Ayrshire Council Events, we will shortly be signposting a new route from Loudoun Hall, which will guide walkers up Sandgate, Newmarket St, High St, Kirk Port, Auld Kirk, Blackfriars Walk, and across the Auld Brig o Ayr to River St, to rejoin the present ACP/NCN7 route north of the New Brig. This will be much more interesting experience, for our tourist walkers especially; and with the chance of a coffee or a snack as well.

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