The big annual beach clean takes place over more than a dozen beaches on the Ayrshire Coast. Most of these are managed and led by Ayr Rotary Club but other beaches are organised by the Rotary Clubs of Prestwick and Alloway, SAC’s Belleisle Rangers, Scout troops and other community groups.

Volunteers will be provided with bags but please bring your own litter-picker if possible since these will likely be in short supply. Please also wear stout shoes/boots and gloves.



Please go direct to Assembly Point on day – or contact named Team Leader for advice and to intimate your intention. Basic safety instructions will be given on the day but you will be responsible for your own personal safety.


ARDNEIL BAY                                  Extent: Portencross Castle car-park south to Seamill car-park.

                                                            Assemble: 10.00h at Portencross Castle car park

                                                            Leader: Harry Richards (Scottish Wildlife Trust                                                                                             Community Conservation Volunteers) (07785 468 60)

IRVINE                                               Extent: Entire beach

                                                            Assemble: 13.00h at picnic area behind toilet pavilion

                                                            Leader: Sandra Cuthbertson Hughes, Irvine Clean Up Crew (

AYR SOUTH HARBOUR                  Extent: Harbour to Blackburn

                                                            Assemble: 09.00h at Blackburn car park (Ayr India end)

                                                            Leader: Kenneth Dickie (07864 097237) and Belleisle rangers.

SEAFIELD                                          Extent: Blackburn to Doonfoot bridge

                                                            Assemble: 09.00h at Blackburn car park (Ayr India end)

                                                            Leader: Charlie Steele (07880 554614) and Belleisle rangers.

BRACKEN BAY                                Fully subscribed                                                         

FISHERTON BAY                             Fully subscribed

DUNURE                                            Extent: to be decided on day.

                                                            Assemble: 09.30h at Dunure Harbour (Do NOT cause                                                                                                                                                         obstruction)

                                                            Leader: Helen O’ Conner (07710 533306), Dunure                                                                                                                                                   Community Volunteers.

CROY                                                 Extent: Caravan park north to Drumshang

                                                            Assemble: 09.30h at Croyburnfoot NTS beach car park (NOT on                                                    v verges near caravan park entrance)

                                                            Leader: Gus Iannotti (07769 635572)


(MAYBOLE SHORE)                         Extent: Caravan park south to Culzean Castle

                                                            Assemble: 09.30h at Croyburnfoot NTS beach car park                                                                                           (NOT on verges near caravan park entrance)

                                                            Leader: Max Agnew, Maybole Clean-up Campaign                                      (07494 435861)

MAIDENS BAY                                  Extent: Entire bay

                                                            Assemble: 10.00h at car park opposite Wildings.

                                                            Leader: Angela Tremble, Maidens Community Association (07973739263)

TURNBERRY BAY NORTH             Extent: Milton burn north to lighthouse.

                                                            Assemble: 09.30h atTurnberry Car Park on A719 nr                                                                                                                                   junction with A77

                                                            Leader: Paul Williams (07946 026967)

TURNBERRY BAY SOUTH              Extent: Milton Burn south to Balkenna

                                                            Assemble: 09.30h atTurnberry Car Park on A719 nr                                                                                                                                               junction with A77

                                                            Leader: Len Foreman, Kyle Mountaineering Club                                                                                                                 (07946 026967)

DOWHILL SHORE                             Extent: Balkenna south to Dunnymuck

                                                            Assemble: 09.30h atTurnberry Car Park on A719 nr                                                                                               junction with A77 (Cars will then move down to Dowhill                                                                                Farm to start orthwards from Dunnymuck).

                                                            Leader: Bob Gibson (07582 151901)

DIPPLE (DUNNYMUCK)                   Extent: Dunnymuck south to the Curragh

                                                            Assemble: 09.30 at beach car park beyond cottages just south of IFF                                                 factory to work south to Curragh.

                                                            Leader: Jimmy Begg  (07796 570645)

GIRVAN                                             Details TBC

                                                            Leader: Alistair Wallace ( )

BALLANTRAE                                  Details TBC

                                                            Leader: Alistair Wallace ( )

PRESTWICK ROTARY CLUB          contact : Andrew Mathiesom (07426 047296)

(Prestwick S. / Newton)

ALLOWAY ROTARY CLUB             contact: Hilary Christy (07762 940191)         

Doonfoot/Greenan/Craig Tara)

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