We are desperately needing funds to buy an old Freelander type vehicle to tow our trailer. Can you help?

Up till now, a couple of our Pathminder volunteers have provided their vehicles, but they are no longer available. So we need to purchase one. Nothing fancy, just a basic workhorse to allow us to take the trailer to worksites along the 100 mile Ayrshire Coastal Path.

We launched a GoFundMe appeal which has been successful, including some very generous donations from individuals. But we are still a long way short of being able to buy the vehicle.

Please consider a donation to allow us to continue our work on path maintenance and improvements. This link will take you to the donation page https://gofund.me/748bd7e2

Here is our swanky trailer….just waiting for a vehicle to tow it.

Perhaps you know someone who is looking to sell a second hand vehicle with tow bar capable of coping with off-road terrain, or perhaps you are a local organisation who would be prepared to sponsor the purchase of such a vehicle for ACP use. Drop us an email on info@coopsy.co.uk

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