Regrettably, it has been necessary, once again, to cancel the annual Rotary Beach Clean. However, there is a willingness among the five South Ayrshire Rotary Clubs (led by Ayr Rotary) to endeavour to hold, or participate in, individual, local clean-ups later in the year as and when Covid restrictions allow.

Despite SAC’s ever-reducing budgets and manpower resource levels it is felt that beaches are generally cleaner than in the past and this is believed to be attributable to a greater appreciation of the environmental blight of litter generally and to the efforts of local communities (groups and individuals) to take more direct, positive actions to keep our beaches and neighbourhoods tidier. ACP is a great contributor to these efforts with the success of the Blue Bin initiative and the regular work-party clean-ups.

Ayr Rotary is committed to continuing the Annual Spring Beach Clean, from 2022 onwards, for its improvement to the environment and for the overall benefit to the community.