Dog owners may think they are doing well by picking up their pooches’ poo and putting in a nice little plastic bag. But just consider how our volunteers have to deal with it.

This week over 100 bags of Dog Dirt, weighing over 30lbs – and many of them burst – were removed from just one Blue Bin near Croy by two of our Volunteers. A most unpleasant task! Another at Turnberry was also badly abused in this selfish manner.

The Blue Bins have been a great success, with many beach walkers gathering rubbish and placing in the bins, but they are not for Dog Dirt. 

It will be a big Environmental Set-back to our beautiful coastline if the ACP is forced to remove Blue Bins from beaches because they are abused by a minority of unsocial Dog Walkers.

To this minority of Dog Owners – don’t leave others to do your dirty work! Take it home! 

And many thanks to those volunteer Pathminders who clear the Blue Bins – and to all the caring walkers who litter-pick our remote beaches.


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