Season’s greetings to all our supporters, volunteer pathminders and path-users. What an unusual year it’s been! The path was effectively closed to anyone other than local walkers during the early-months’ lockdown and more recently under the local restrictions. Also the ACP maintenance teams, in common with other businesses and organisations have had to adapt to meet the various changes in the regulations. But adapt they did and the essential work of keeping the path in good order has continued without interruption since the end of national lockdown in June.

Recent improvements include the forming of an easier, 300m off-beach section through the bracken, south of Ladywell burn waterfall at Drumbain (see previous news post) and handrails have been added to the footbridge over the Mill burn at Drumbain Mains.

In association with the Scottish Wildlife Trust, eight new information boards have been sited at selected locations to highlight the wonderful range of wildlife to be found along the path and work has recently been completed on the establishment of a wildflower meadow on the grassy slopes at Drumbain. This latter work is part of the SWT project to create a “Nectar Network” Irvine to Girvan.

Of course, all of the activity to enhance the ACP for the benefit of walkers comes at a cost, even although much of the effort involves reuse and recycling of resources wherever possible. A recent, new, on-line appeal for donations to assist this work has been highly successful and thanks is due to all those who have contributed so far and thus helped to ensure that the ACP retains its status as one of (Nature) Scotland’s Great Trails. A donate button can be found via the Assist the Path link on the Home page.

Lastly, it is necessary to acknowledge once again the support of our landowner and farmer partners without whose cooperation the ACP would not exist as it is today. In turn, it is essential that all path-users (and especially those with dogs) show respect for the fields and countryside by following the Responsible Access and Safety guidance set out elsewhere on this website.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone.

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