The travel-distance lockdown restriction is due to be relaxed from Friday 3 July meaning that folk are able to seek their outdoor exercise in accordance with near-normal, responsible-access laws. Social-distancing rules will still apply and the availability of facilities along the ACP will be uncertain at best. Path-users are urged to continue to exercise proper consideration for other users, local residents, landowners and farmers whose helpful cooperation we have enjoyed since the ACP opened 12 years ago. This will mean avoiding, as much as possible, physical contact with fixtures like fences and gates and, where this is unavoidable, using gloves and sanitiser.

Walkers may notice that, in places, the path is more overgrown than usual since lockdown has meant suspension of routine vegetation control by the volunteer pathminders. However, this work has recently recommenced on a limited basis addressing the worst of the overgrown areas and the overall situation is expected to improve over the next few weeks. A small work party ventured out last week to Ladywell Burn and Wet Gully to carefully clear some Hemlock Water Dropwort that was encroaching on the path. The Wet Gully is particularly rich in pollinating plant life such as March Orchids, Ragged Robin, Yellow Irises, Meadowsweet, and other beautiful flowers which greatly enhance this section.

The beautiful (not so wet) Wet Gully

This year’s springtime Rotary Beach Clean was cancelled and so it is likely that those sections of the route may be more littered than would be normally be the case. Again the pathminders will get round to tackling this but walkers can do their bit by using the blue-bins to deposit plastic debris for later collection. These are provided at a number of strategic locations along the more remote beaches.


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