A South Ayrshire farmer has voiced the concerns of many regarding the potential spread of the Coronavirus into rural areas. A number of people are suspected of leaving their local areas to exercise in the country, including walking sections of the Ayrshire Coastal Path which cross farmland, potentially risking the health of farmers and landowners.

Trail Manager, Dr Jimmy Begg said that the Ayrshire Coastal Path management team fully supports the farmer’s concerns about a small proportion of selfish people walking close together in groups, and perhaps travelling in shared cars, who risk spreading Coronavirus into our country areas. However, we hope that recent instruction by the UK and Scottish Governments will result in everyone now remaining at home, or close to home, to protect our population. If not, our overworked front line NHS staff, and the most vulnerable in society, will likely bear the tragic consequences of the actions of a thoughtless minority. PLEASE STAY AT HOME AND EXERCISE NEARBY

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