Our winter social event took place this year, once again at the Heads of Ayr Bracken Bar. More than 30 pathminders and guests congregated in this welcoming informal venue for an evening of fun and games. Greetings were more awkward than usual due to the Coronavirus scare and there was much hilarity as attempted kisses and handshakes were rejected in favour of fumbled fist-bumping and elbow-knocking. Didn’t they know they were coming for a finger-buffet?

Bracken Bar Team

Bar owner David Semple and staff members Christine and Liz worked hard to keep us all well fed and watered; all the time with wide smiles and friendly chit-chat. Thanks folks.

After the hugely enjoyable buffet it was time for the main event of the evening. This year it was BINGO with the objective being to keep Jimmy Begg from winning at all costs (last year’s quiz winner). John Dunlop did a sterling job as the caller and it was clearly evident that his experience of 40 years ago at Butlins had not been wasted. As well as all the traditional name associations with the numbers, John introduced some topical ones such as “Covid 19”. Bob Gibson (who should be blamed congratulated for the bingo idea) was the caller’s assistant whose job it was to tumble the balls in a low-tech version of the real thing. John’s frequent innuendos with reference to Bob and the balls are probably best forgotten.

Bob the Balls and Caller John

Mhairi Ireland got off to a good start by winning the first two games – “beginners’ luck” she said. Doreen Aitcheson and Sue Swaine completed the job of ensuring that Jimmy left empty-handed on this occasion.

All-in-all a real fun night thanks to organisers Alistair Tyre, Bob and John.



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