Get ready for the 14th Annual Rotary Beach Clean on Sat 4 April 2020 (0900-1230 hours) and help keep South Ayrshire’s beaches beautiful. This takes place over a dozen or so beaches on the South Ayrshire Coast. Most of these are managed and led by Ayr Rotary Club members but other beaches are organised by the Rotary Clubs of Troon, Prestwick, Alloway and Girvan.

 All the Rotary clubs take great pride in having been well ahead of the current environmental awareness campaigns. Some months ago, the BBC’s hugely popular Blue Planet nature programme dramatically brought home to the general public the enormous scale of the disastrous worldwide plastic pollution and poisoning of our ocean eco-systems. The Rotary initiative aims, once again, to harness the resulting groundswell of public concern and to encourage even more people to join in the drive to clean up our local beaches and seas for everyone’s benefit.

This fun-event usually attracts upwards of 400 volunteers (adults and kids) with the main community event taking place at Seafield Beach in Ayr. There are usually sufficient volunteers at Seafield but this should not deter you if you are particularly keen to attend there. However, the organisers would really like people who are willing and able to make their own way to one of the other beaches where there may be fewer volunteers. They would be delighted if folk with cars – and an environmental conscience – would volunteer to help groups clean our further-away beaches where they can visit and enjoy the wonderful coastal scenery.

For assembly and other information, please contact your local Rotary Club orvisit and and follow on social media links.

Ayr Rotary Club (contact    Newton Shore, South Harbour Beach, Seafield Beach, Bracken Bay, Dunure Harbour Beaches, Croy Beach, Culzean Bay/Maybole Shore, Turnberry Bay, Dowhill Shore, Dipple Shore, Curragh Shore.

Troon Rotary Club:           Troon Beaches

Prestwick Rotary Club:    Prestwick Beaches

Alloway Rotary Club:       Doonfoot to Heads of Ayr Beaches

Girvan Rotary Club:          Girvan and Ballantrae Beaches

All volunteers should wear warm clothing, stout boots and gloves. Collection bags and some pickers will be provided. The organisers look forward to seeing you.

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