Change of Management Structure

With the Path growing greatly in popularity from year to year, there’s been a developing discussion that in the future, Ayr Rotary Club might struggle to maintain, fund and manage the Ayrshire Coastal Path from within its membership.

Jimmy Begg continues as Trail Manager

Over recent years, with many volunteer non-Rotarians joining the Pathminders group, and several of them now active members of the Management Board, it was felt that this influx of younger people with a variety of skills needed to be developed further to secure the Path’s future.

It was decided that Ayr Rotary Club should step back from running the Ayrshire Coastal Path.

Consequently, from 1 July 2019 under its new Constitution, the Ayrshire Coastal Path is being managed independently by an Ayrshire Coastal Path Management Board comprising both Rotarian and non-Rotarian members.

Ayr Rotary Club will continue to give its full support and active backing to the ACP.

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