Well – the Swaines sure know how to lay on a BBQ! The sun shone, the wine and beer flowed like the Doon, the chat was excellent, the food was amazing, the quiz was long (only to be expected from John D) but great fun and…………everyone behaved!

It was a day to remember so thanks to everyone who helped make it possible, but especially to Chris and Susan who were up at the crack of dawn to prepare scrumptious salads, deserts etc and set up the garden (with Bob’s help) for all our enjoyment.

the hosts
the boys
who said hot dogs ?
full swing
the bairn
relaxed host
the girls
Susan calls time
this one’s on me
man talk
garden time
any more wine ?
all good pals
the party 3
salad days
the cottage
the walking wounded
the party
BBQ Bob 2
the Ireland group
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