Beach Clean Post-Script

Just a couple of months after the big beach clean it was necesssary to revisit the shore at Chapeldonan where recent farming activity had exposed years of accumulated rubbish which had been buried beneath the wind-blown sand. A small team comprising Ron, Di, Gus and Bob (George), with later car and trailer assistance from Jimmy, filled 25 bags and collected larger material equivalent to another 5 bags – and that got the job only half-done! Back next week hopefully to finish it and help to return this lovely section of path to its previous natural...

Balkenna Bridge Open

Good work last week saw the bridge and approach paths virtually completed and the bridge can now be considered fully operational. This was a great project, expertly designed and constructed to resist all that nature can throw at it in the way of winter storms and high tides – and at a cost of only £550, but with a lot of sweat and blood from the pathminders. Well done everyone involved – no need for walkers to get wet feet anymore. The finishing...
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