Even by Jimmy Begg’s unrelenting standards, last Thursday was a lengthy shift for the bridge-builders. Due to the unexpectedly early availability of the telegraph poles for the bridge beams, work continued after a lunch break until a finish around 3.00pm! The placing of the poles allowed the decking to be placed so that we now have a crossable structure that will mean we no longer risk getting wet feet negotiating the burn.

Thanks are due to Hugh Watson of HIE Fabrication Ltd for making the sturdy steel brackets for the bridge. Apart from the decking, the whole structure has been built from re-cycled material at a cost of under £500.

Next week it will be finishing the approaches, both sides, and getting rid of the heavy vegetation. Then comes the topping out ceremony with some of that champagne that Jimmy won in the Rotary Golf Day raffle!

Poles arrived 10.30h
beams set 13.00h
decking done! 15.00h

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