More good work on the bridge abutments today with all dowell bars set in place ready to receive the sleeper bearings. Much mixing of the fast-setting concrete exercised the enthusiastic work party.

North abutment
South Abutment

The day was brightened by the appearance of some rare visitors : a couple of Brent geese on their way home to Greenland and two walkers – Ken Andreson and his partner, from Connecticut in the US. The latter pair were on a week’s holiday to walk the length of the ACP and were heading northwards for an overnight stay at a Turnberry B&B. No such luxury for the geese though.

Jimmy and Ken have spotted the geese!

Also today, our very own trailer was initiated into the weekly work party routine. A great addition to our equipment and one that makes the transporting of tools and materials much easier.

Great admiration
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