Please be aware that the recent heavy rain has undermined a section of the Coastal Path near Turrnberry and this section of the Path is dangerous and should be avoided until further notice.

The area in question is on the section of the Path between Miton Burn and the steps over the dunes – just North of the old pump house. As you can see from the attached photographs, there are 2 culverts (pipes) below the path, but the flow of water has been diverted by a blockage and the adjacent soil has been swept away. There is a very deep hole (at least 3 feet deep) close to the culverts and the edge of this hole is simply turf, floating in mid air and it will not be able to bear any weight. The hole is fairly obvious when heading South – but less so when heading North.

The landowner is aware of this issue and further updates will be issued in due course. Notices are being made up and will be strategically placed to alert walkers and advise on alternative routes. 

Southbound Walkers at low tide should use the shore; and at high tide take the path up to the A719 and find a way along the south side of the Milton Burn back to the shore

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