Well, thanks to Alistair and Bob, we all had a great time last Friday evening with around 40 Pathminders and friends turning out for the party. The warm atmosphere inside the Bracken Bar was a great antidote to the gale and lashing rain outside on the windswept Heads of Ayr.

Greeted with a free glass of fizzy (for the lucky ones who weren’t driving) the evening got off to a cracking start as folk chatted about all sorts of things, not necessarily to do with walking and pathminding. In the background, thanks to Charlie Steele, a superb rolling show of ACP scenery and wild life pictures illustrated the many natural attractions of the ACP.

Hungry stomachs were then amply satisfied by a lavish finger buffet of warm foods prepared by the Bracken Bar staff, and for which we must thank David and Una Semple who both participated in and contributed to the social side of the evening.

Then it was time for the Alistair Tyre show (well quiz actually).

Seven teams of 5 or 6 struggled to retrieve bits of useless information from the depths of their now-relaxed minds. Questions were as varied as the quizzers themselves and the final sheet of questions was compiled from the official ACP Guidebook. The answer to the question of the length of the ACP (including detours) was hotly debated afterwards with some folk resorting to mobile phones for measurements to check. However the answer was 100 miles and who are we to argue with the path’s creator, Jimmy Begg? Guess whose team won the quiz!!!!

Gillian delivered a well-deserved vote of thanks to everyone who had contributed to the undoubted success of the evening and to all who had participated.

Here’s to the next time and maybe see you on the path sometime soon.

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