Yesterday afternoon, while walking the Coastal Path between Girvan Mains and Curragh cottages, two walkers encounter the potentially ‘fiercesome’ sight of several large Charolais bulls lounging on the foreshore path.. 

Using commonsense, and aware that these huge beasts are usually fairly docile, they took avoiding action by sensibly moving down along the beach to.bypass them.


Not sure whether the bulls were there to graze naturally, they took some photos, and continued north to Maidens, before notifying the ACP by email (with photos) about 10pm .
Knowing that the bulls must have escaped from their winter pens on the foreshore, we immediately contacted the farmer at Girvan Mains – since there was a danger of the huge animals wandering up on to the main A77T road – or being encountered in the morning by weekend walkers.He received the email about 11pm – too late and too dangerous to do any more than check that all roadside gates were secure.The bulls were returned to their foreshore pens this morning, but the farmer said that it’s always much better to get an immediate warning of the strayed animals, to let him deal with the situation straight away.

As this policy may be vital in securing the safety of fellow walkers as well as animals, we fully support this plea and would ask all walkers, anywhere along the ACP, to play their part in reporting strayed or injured animals to the landowner – even if it means retracing their route for a mile or so to get help.

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