Gillian Craig is the first lady to join our team of Pathminders, who work tirelessly throughout the year, to maintain and improve the Ayrshire Coastal Path.

She had her baptism of fire hacking through a jungle of 5ft high Monks’ Rhubarb and Cow Parsley beside the new bridge over the Ladywell Burn. But her enthusiasm for the job kept the two lads going, and she didn’t let us stop till we had cleared away enough vegetation to let her see the wee waterfall that we could hear tinkling somewhere in the jungle.

So ladies, let’s have more of you out to join us. It’s great fun, you are helping the local community and you are out in the fresh air. What could be better?

Gillian is a very keen walker and has an excellent website, Gillian’s Walks, listing many walks in Scotland and beyond.

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