Winter Maintenance Work

The generous gift of a large number of old sleepers from Turnberry Golf Course, together with a mild early winter, has allowed our Pathminder Squad to push ahead with an ambitious maintenance and improvement programme. Having recently completed vital dune protection work at Pow Burn, Prestwick, we are now well advanced with step reconstruction on the upper part of the Fisherton Gully; and hope to start to build 20-25 new steps up the slippery slopes of Smugglers Brae, Dunure, early in the New Year. With “Work in Progress” we would ask walkers to take extra care when negotiating these areas. Any new Pathminder volunteers very welcome!

Work goes on during the holidays

Between Christmas and New Year, the decent winter weather allowed further work to be done at Fisherton Gully, Ron Ireland, Jimmy Begg and new Pathminder Bob Gibson started by salvaging heavy 3 metre-long byre slats from the old farm dump, hauling them down the gully, and recycling them as concrete path edgings for the new upgraded steps – and deepening the course of the wee burn to stop it flowing down the path. Work still in progress – so walkers please watch your steps!

“Elizabeth’s Footprint” with new boots on the Ayrshire Coastal Path


From 18-22 July we were humbled and honoured by the courageous presence of Natalia Spencer walking the ACP during her 6000-mile journey round the coast of Great Britain in memory of her five year old daughter Elizabeth who died in December 2015 – and raising £100,000 for Bristol Children’s Hospital. “Down to her uppers” after tramping 2400 miles from Dorset in the past four months, the members of Ayr Rotary – as well as walking from Lendalfoot to Ayr with Natalia – bought her a pair of new boots to see her good for the next 1000 miles. We wish her God-speed for the rest of her journey.  See Click image to enlarge

Update on permanent Bull Pens

a-lot-of-bull_250A second electrified Bullpen has now been built on foreshore land just north of the wrack road from Burnside farm – with a 100m open gap between it and the larger one to the south, which has had a new electrified fence corridor installed to herd bulls from pen to adjacent field. When empty, walkers can pass through both pens.
When occupied by bulls, walkers should bypass both pens by following a black marker post and steps down to the beach at its south end, and walking 350m along the shore to a white-topped wooden post re-joining the path at its north end – or vice-versa. Keep controlled dogs well out of sight and range of these big beasts!

Tenth Annual Rotary Beach Clean – 2 April 2016

ayr-rotary-at-croy-beach-clean_250Helped by good weather today, a crowd of 246 volunteers organised by the Rotary Clubs of Ayr, Alloway, Girvan, Prestwick, and Troon, removed 624 bags of rubbish from 19 miles of beach between Girvan and Troon. This was a bit more than last year due to the severe winter storms, but walkers should now be able to enjoy and appreciate pristine beaches – and beautiful panoramas – for yet another year. In the past ten years we have removed over 7400 bags of sea-borne rubbish from this coastline.